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About me

Frank Nocke, Presse, Fotografie, Hamburg Frank Nocke, Presse, Fotografie, Hamburg

Frontend & Javascript Freelancer

I am a freelance web developer with focus on react.js and UX/UI. So it’s Javascript, ES6, NodeJS, React und Redux, and styling languages CSS3, Less, Sass und Stylus.

I hold a diploma in media computer science (Medieninformatik FH) since 1997, and a “Master of Computer Science [MSc.]” since 2005. Ever since 2011 I work as a web development freelancer.

My first computer I got at age 9, my second when I turned 13, and my third when I was 15.

1993 Abitur (high school) in Osnabrück, Germany
1993 – 1997 FH Furtwangen: Diploma in Media Computer Science [FH]
1996 – 1999 Hamburg: Internships, Thesis, working in CGI…
2000 – 2001 Singapore: Ngee Ann Polytechnic, visiting lecturer
2002 – 2005 FH Wedel: Master of Computer Science [MSc.],
2005 – 2009 Adobe Systems, Hamburg (+partly in San Jose): C++, XMP,…
since 2011 Web Developer (freelance)
• 2011-13 various LAMP-Stack
• 2013-15 SPIEGEL News Magazine
• 2015-2017 Angular.js, React-Projects…
• Winter 2017/18: 6-mo project at HolidayCheck AG, Switzerland
• 2018 more React/Vue projects in Hamburg…

Experiences & Technologies

When I got self-employed I started working an smaller full-stack projects for various Hamburg media agencies. – „LAMP“Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and html, CSS & plenty of jQuery, naturally.

Then I got a row of projects to work on at the SPIEGEL News Magazine: Responsive Design, Javascript Apps, self-service portals including styling, javascript and connecting templates (JSP, JSTL, EJS, JSX, …) to the respective backends.

With the rise of NodeJS suddenly JavaScript became a viable option for the backend, alternative to Java or PHP, instantly becoming my backend language of choice.

First working on an Angular.js project, then contributing to a number of React.js sites, which I like a tad better. I also gathered experience with REST-APIs, micro services and newer technologies like GraphQL.

Regarding CSS ui libraries and layout systems, I worked with bootstrap and ant-design.

And I really fancy Jeet, as it is a little less obstrusive from my angle, and you can handle a lot of layout matters through pretty elegant, compact mixins. Beside complex frameworks, a solid base of custom classes can also often do the job.

In terms of build-tools / task-handlern / bundlern I have worked time and again with make, ant and maven. In past years, npm, gulp and naturally webpack for react.js came to the list.

Of course, I also know the regular tools of the trade: npm, bash-scripting, testing & TDD with mocha, jasmin and jest. I got a little less experience on all things devOps (deployment, Cloud, CI, …). Although I have done fairly complex deployment-scripts and apache setups before…

My preferred OS is Linux (currently using Ubuntu MATE), but I also worked many years with Windows and Mac OS / X.

Frank Nocke, Javascript, Vue.js, React, Redux, Frontend

computer graphics & photography

Frank Nocke, Javascript, Vue.js, React, Redux, Frontend

After my diploma in Media Computer Science (1993-97) I initially focussed on Computer-Animation (3D Studio, 3DS Max, Softimage,…) and Compositing (Photoshop, After Effects, Flint, Flame, Inferno on SGI) in various Hamburg TV Post­productions, Spans & Partner among these. Bei the End of 1999 I even worked for 6 weeks in Beijing for the „Huayu Advertising Co“. Earlier in my studies, I did a 6-months-internship at Markenfilm, a commercials movie production.

My cgi background often helps me, to visualize Things fast. Be it complete screen designs or just single features that need to be sketched, for the better understanding of all stakeholders.

I would call myself a Photoshop expert thus. Maybe not in Proofs & Preprint, but in drafts, UI Pixelpushing, RAW conversion and retouching.

By the way: This website is done with Jekyll, a entirely static site generator, which is also convenient and popular as github-pages.

A great system, because one does not have to deal with the complexcity of a CMS and the choires of dealing with a database. Having all versioning in a single place has huge advantages. Since any programmer is used to git(hub) nayway. And lastly, hacking down something new in markdown is simply faster than even the most elaborate UI Editor. Apart from incredibly precise SEO-tweaking, which would mean a lot of pain in larger CMS. You find the source code of this site including styles & templates (just with a minor delay) on github.

Languages & International

The first 2 years of the millenium I lived & worked in Singapore, as „International Fellow / Visiting Lecturer“ at a Polytechnic.

Completely on Englisch, together with british, scottish, kiwi and american fellows/flatmates. Ever since I speak Singlish, Cinglish and understand, whatever language the Scots are using. My time at Adobe Systems (2005-2009) also largely happened in English. Thus I would call my English fluent and presentation-proof.

Besides Singapore I worked in Liechtenstein, most recently in Switzerland, a couple of weeks in San Jose and Seattle, and for 6 weeks in Beijing in 1999.

Frank Nocke, Beachvolleyball, Presse, Sportfotografie, Hamburg


In Hamburg’s disturbingly short summers I play beach volleyball, go kayaking or cycle with my wife through Hamburgs beautiful surroundings. Since 2013 I do a bit of carpentering, which is a great compensation for screen work.

Between projects I still love to travel. Basically anything but package tours… and, naturally, Southeast Asia still got a grip on me…

Frank Nocke, Beachvolleyball, Presse, Sportfotografie, Hamburg

Having said that, I still have a small ‚pet projekt’ on github, so far by the rather dry name photocmd. It’s meant to help on sort & delete huge bulks of shot images… (so far I got the essential logic, the test harness and the basic Electron+Vue+Vuetify Setup… stay tuned.)